As a stretch assignment at work, I took on a new project to help with the redesigning efforts of my company's one-stop-shop resources website, Adobe Workfront One. At the time of this project, there was no consistency across the pages on this website. I thought this was a good opportunity for me to brush up and improve on my front-end development skills to help improve the experience and fix this problem. By working with my manager, I was able to get in touch with the right people to make this a reality.
The Big Question.
Who was I going to collaborate with and how was I going to make an impact on the website?
Learning new tools and processes. Prior to this project, I was not heavily involved with the team that developed and managed the website so I was not familiar with the tech stack and processes they had in place.
I started collecting more information about Adobe Workfront One by meeting the team over the website and attending their meetings on a regular basis. From there, I gathered feedback on what areas of the website they wanted to see improvements on.
After getting more direction from the team, I did my own content analysis to determine key areas of improvement. The screen recording below is what the website used to look like before I made changes to the top-level pages.
After identifying the scope of this project and the things that I'd commit to, I began putting my ideas on paper and created wireframes using Adobe XD. Because this website was not following updated company branding standards, I made sure to reflect this change as a part of my process to strengthen the company brand. 
By utilizing my company's CMS and playing around with custom code, I was able to redesign the website so it was more in line with our company brand and style.
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