Adobe Workfront’s Customer Experience (CX) Summit was an annual event for the entire CX department to get together in a single location to learn and bond with one another as a team. Since people across the department were traveling from different parts of the world to attend this event, my team and I wanted to make them feel welcomed by providing swag that was different from years past. For 2020, Hyrdoflasks were one of the items that were given out and I worked on a team of three designers to brainstorm and design stickers.
The Big Question.
How were we going to create intentional swag that got people excited about CX's annual event and show our appreciation to the team?
Figuring out how to take swag to the next level. Picking out what type of swag people would actually want and use was a challenge in it of itself but once that was taken care of, we wanted to take the swag experience to another level.
To get a better understanding of what direction to take, my team and I worked with the greater team to gather information on what was possible considering time and budget. Collectively, we decided to create stickers for the attendees so they could decorate and customize their Hydroflasks.
After identifying the scope of this project, my teammates and I got together to brainstorm sticker ideas. We broke up the sticker themes into two main areas:

1. Company-based: To promote company culture and individual teams within the CX department.
2. Utah-based: To incorporate elements of the state into our designs since the CX Summit was hosted in Utah.
Once we identified what type of stickers to create, we then designed stickers individually before having another collaboration session to review and refine our ideas.
As a lover of the outdoors and someone who isn't originally from Utah, I imagined the event attendees having fun with and appreciating stickers of Utah's National Parks. Below are some of the stickers that I designed!
As a team, we designed two full sheets of stickers:
Along with the stickers, I was tasked to create the CX Summit Handbook to provide information about the event for attendees.
Due to privacy, I used placeholder text to showcase the handbook below. 
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